Sunday, March 18, 2007

Werebeast Warrior Skills

After reading some posts I've found out that the Werebeast Metamorph is called a Warrior. Since all my files were lost I've decided to post the Warrior skills that was saved by Google Spreadsheets. This is from Gameflier translated by Google Language Tools. The icons can't seem to be copied to Google Spreadsheets, sorry about that. And I didn't try to translate or change anything because I'm not sure what they really meant. Close Beta is coming soon so I might be able to post the Skills in english.

Dipsy Doodles

Hello everyone! I still haven't posted anything about Perfect World because my pc can't read asian texts. I don't remember what I need to have in order to view those.
Anyway, my work schedule has just changed and tomorrow's going to be my seventh day at work. Arrrgh! Seven days straight! I just hope Perfect World Maintenance won't fall on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.
Here's some videos of Dipsdips, Vina's bear for about sixteen years. Dips is two years-old, she turns two every February 14.(she resets the night before her birthday,just don't tell her!lol) Here's what Vina has to say about Dips,
"...she's the cutest, the most lovable bear in the whole world! She's the king and master of all our bears. Beware of her during the full moon because she turns into a "meowing bear",don't worry because meowing bears only eat kids. Just keep your camera ready because meowing bears hate the flash from a camera. Dips doesn't like mirrors because she sees Dopsdops,her evil twin who is a boy and loves "chicks"(girls). She's part-time "trapo", part-time "bimpo". Dips loves making friends and saying "hi" to strangers..."

By the way, here's a link to Dipsdips' Friendster.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The path of the beast...

As seen from my previous posts, I'm definitely going to pick the Werebeast Race. This race is basically half-human, half-beast. From what I've seen so far, the males have a human body and a beast head while the females have animal ears and tails. There are two classes in this race, the metamorphs and the summoners. The metamorph class looks to be exclusive to male characters and the summoner to females, we'll have to find out more to confirm this one though.

I would like to be a metamorph werebeast, one can transform into an animal or beast, although I don't know how it happens, maybe you have to shout "beast mode!" or something. lolz! The main weapon of the metamorphs is the Tomahawk Hammer, I haven't been able to post the skills but there's this skill that has the chance/will stun your opponents. I think it's also cool that they have the skill to stay longer under water(Swimming is one of the features of Perfect World).

My girlfriend and I also like the idea that your companion can ride you when you're in beast/animal form (see my previous post for pics), and one of my favorite animals is the white tiger so 'yay!' for me!

I really don't know much about the classes in Perfect World because there so few resources, but I try to find what I can. Anyway, here are some pics of the Werebeast Metamorph...(the second pic looks like rage mode hehehe).

ps. my pc crashed and i had to reformat it, all my files are gone that's why i had to rush this just to join in wauk's promo. i'll update this later when i have all the tools i need.(even if i don't win i'll still update hehe)